Sunday, 11 February 2018

Simply Seasonal .....11th of Feburary

 Hello Lovelies,
I hope your week went well. I do like using this catch up to remind myself of the photogenic moments my week held.  I thought I hadn't taken many pictures on my little camera, but uploading them I was surprised to find 75 images. Don't worry I've whittled them down a bit :0)

So here are my happy seasonal moments for the second week of February

1 ♥ Cold and Frosty Mornings. I loved waking to blue skies on Wednesday, yay. Time to take a walk. Can you spot my shadow in this photo?

it was very cold, but than meant no mud :0)

The birds were singing

And through the tunnel I spotted a heard of sheep.

They were grazing peacefully.

But when they saw me they all started calling out...baa, baa, baa.

and approaching. They must be hungry I thought. I'm sure they are heavily pregnant. Eating for three, or four.

I was really surprised how brave they were. Sorry lovely lady I haven't brought your brekki.

No you can't eat the flowers on my skirt. Bless her. She was so lovely, you could pet her like a dog.

The heard followed me through the field.

Sorry girls, I'm sure the farmer will be along soon.

2 ♥ A Sunny outing with Mum. As Wednesday remained bright Mum and I decided to have an outing somewhere different. We went to Newark on Trent. A place that's full to the brim  with interesting old buildings.

I do love to see cobbles.

 and interesting roof-lines.

There's a lovely market square which was quiet busy despite the chilly temperatures.

This old building always catches my eye.

as does this view...perfect with a beautiful blue sky backdrop.

I made a bee line for these shelves of Stylecraft to do a little more re-stashing ( is that a word?)

Then there was a little more walking

Before I spotted a sign, this is where I had in mind for mum and I to visit.

Ooooh, look, look, look.

 I had been researching Tea you do :0) THIS PLACE came highly recommended by online reviews.
 And as a bonus it is within a really old timber framed building...I can't find an exact age but it is listed as Medieval, and a similar building in the town dates from 1337.
 Just look how "wonky" it is, not a straight line to be seen. The windows were all seamed up so we would have to wait to see what was inside.

Open the latch.

and step into the warm and cosy interior.

Happily it wasn't busy and the whole place was charming. I loved the vintage crockery and table linen.

 another cream tea? Ooops. I do seem to have got a bit of a taste for them.  I think I'll aim for one a month this year. That doesn't seem too indulgent, does it?  February's was very good :0)

 We sat on the ground floor but could hear customers upstairs. When they gradually left and it went quiet I couldn't resist taking a peek. Wow.

Just look at those beams. How much history have they seen unfold.

This place used to be a bakery. How many thousands of loaves must have been made within these walls.

I felt lucky we called at such a quiet time and I had the chance for a good look around. I hope it stands for a few more hundred years. It's longevity shows the workmanship that went into it's construction. Apparently the seep roof line shows that it was once thatched. How lovely. Simple, characterful places like this really make me smile.

 4 ♥ Walking with a Friend. On Thursday I was back at Calke Abbey to meet up with an ex-work colleague. She retired about three years ago and this is only the second walk we have managed to organise. Happily we have decided this is not good enough and already pencilled in a date for March.

I think she liked my choice of destination. The Snowdrops were a hit :0)

 5 ♥ Roadside Flowers. And the time to stop and capture them not just drive hurriedly past.

These were in a  pretty village I've driven through several times.  I loved having the chance for a wander on foot.

6 ♥ A Wintry Sunrise. I had to work on Saturday, but this was my reward for getting up early.

Mother natures stunning colours. Better than any man made light show, if you ask me.

Phew, seems like I only managed to get rid of 25 photos. I hope you enjoyed the 50 that were left :0)

Have a good week Lovelies.
Jacquie x

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Insta Blogging

 Morning Lovelies,
We had a light dusting of snow fall in the early hours and I took loads of pictures on my morning walk. The world looked so pretty and held lots of happy seasonal sights. I thought I would share them while they are "fresh" but I don't have time to write a commentary so I hope that, once again, these images will tell their own story.

Do click on the first image them scroll through them to enjoy the in bigger size.

Right I've finished that cup of tea ,now it's time to go to work. I hope you lovelies are having a good week.
Jacquie x